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Celebrating Years Of Resch's Enhanced Sporting Excellence

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2018 World Series of Golf

On a perfect late autumn afternoon, World Series XXX competitors gather greenside at Shelly Beach's 18th hole.  From l to r - Trent Strange, Henney Stenson, Peard Fulke, Soldier Montgomerie, JPY Hayes, Seve Hemosteros, Per-Ulrik Fatcatsson, Bourkie Baird, Edwardo Romero, Cavey Pavin, Big Jack Daley, Dick Faldo, Notah Kelly, Jose-Mumma Olazabal, Tubby Waldorf, Java Haas, Kenny Crenshaw, Hunter Meehan and Davidson Love

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June 12, 2018

Despite his hectic schedule in Singapore as fellow dictator Kim Jong-Un's covert confidant, Beloved Leader Davidson Love has announced prospective dates for the 2018 Match Play Championship.

The tournament would start on Sunday, November 11 (the first weekend after the Melbourne Cup) with the Don Lane Invitational Qualifier and run for three consecutive Sundays, concluding with The Championship Match on Sunday, November 25.

The President is aware the Bong Bong Cup is on the Friday prior to the final and is prepared to make reasonable allowances for any member of the Bong Bong 6 who reaches the semi-finals.

Members should let the club executive know promptly if this schedule clashes with other commitments you have but, as always, priority will be given to the wishes of the tournament's regular players.


May 19, 2018

President Love has released the club's latest audited post-tournament accounts.

Balance Pre World Series - $3568.50
Revenue - $8470 (21 players + 1 tourist)
Expenses - $8899.65 (course costs 3959, golf extras - ids, balls, shirts 1268.75, milestones 150, prizemoney and trophys 1560, hospitality - tues lunch, wed lunch and betting, fri bar tab, beercoins 1706.90, refunds - kentie and early fri leavers 255)
Tournament Loss - $429.65
Balance Post World Series - $3138.85 (includes $200 deposit with Shelly Beach for 2019)

Davidson Love III
Club President & Auditor


May 18, 2018

Seve Hemosteros

Seve Hemosteros (pictured), the man primarily responsible for the creation of the Earlwood Social Golf & Euchre Club, has won the club's milestone 30th World Series of Golf.

Entering the final round at Shelly Beach as one of 3 co-leaders, the big-hitting sometime Blue Bay resident saw off their title aspirations and then repelled the late challenge of Peard Fulke to record his 4th Central Coast victory (1989, 1996 and 2003).

Fulke's late run was a welcomne return to form for the veteran NRL Interchange Official and he was joined on the podium by 3rd place-getter, the uber-consistent Kenny Crenshaw.


January 13, 2018


Beercoin has been announced as the ESG&EC's digital currency and local payment system.  This exciting new cryptocurrency is underpinned by the latest keg-to-tap-to-glass technology.

After a soft launch at the Earlwood Hotel last night, the club has mined 150 coins - 5 for each of the club's 30 years.  The cornerstone of Beercoin's value is the price The Entrance Hotel charges club members for a schooner of Resch's served during our annual May golf pilgrimage (1 Beercoin = 1 schooner).

This Central Coast impost has been rising faster than Sydney house prices and has been a boon to those astute insiders who got in early on the crypto bandwagon.  Beercoin, The Earlwood Stock Exchange's (ESX) sole listing, has a market capitalisation in excess of AUD900.

As part of an exciting new Presidential initiative for the '30 for 30 Tour', eligible members will be able to purchase 14 Beercoins for $75 under the banner of 'The Resch's Refreshes Hour'.  This offer represents a dollar discount off Beercoin's ESX average April trading price.

Outside of the nominated daily Resch's Refreshes Hour, Beercoins intrinsic value can be utilised at the various intraclub 24 hour euchre trading tables.  Sadly, despite some preliminary interest, staff at 386 The Entrance Road has been unable to align their payment system to Beercoin.


This listed price is underpinned by the cost of a schooner of Resch's served in the public bar of The Entrance Hotel during the World Series of Golf (1 schooner = 1 Beercoin).

On the club's 30th tour, it was no more than fitting that the person primarily responsible for the club's formation, Seve Hemosteros, was crowned World Series Champion.  This was his fourth win to go along with victories in 1989, 1996 and 2003.  Hemosteros finished on 10pts with a 4th in Monday's 3-man Stableford Aggregate (teamed with ICAC headline act Java Haas and Notah Kelly), a win in the 4BBB Teams Match Play (paired with Tubby Waldorf), a 2nd in Thursday's Stableford round and rounded the week off with a 3rd placing in the Stroke event at Shelly Beach.

Reformed whistle blower and veteran Brookvale Oval NRL Interchange Official Peard Fulke got awfully close during the final round but maybe suffered a seniors moment on the 18th hole when he missed a potentially vital "gimme" putt.  In the end, it wasn't the difference and he finished 2nd on 13pts.

The uber-consistent Padstow Heights resident Ken Crenshaw grabbed the final podium spot with 14pts after nudging Kipper Parnevik off on a final round countback.  Crenshaw lamented his bad luck with the partners draw on Days 1 and 2 as too big a hurdle to overcome.


Day 1 - Gosford 3-man Stableford Aggregate Top 3

Day 2 - Wyong Teams Match Play

Day 3 - Toukley Stableford Top 3

Day 4 - Shelly Beach Stroke Top 3


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