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Celebrating Years Of Resch's Enhanced Sporting Excellence

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for the Stephen Angry Anderson Trophy
November 11 through to November 25

1990 Match Play Championship

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Competitors line-up for the 1990 Match Play Championship.

Competitors line-up for the 1990 Match Play Championship.  The tournament was eventually won by Tubby Waldorf (front row, second from right) after the longest 17th hole in match play history.




Beercoin's listed price is underpinned by the cost of a schooner of Resch's served in the public bar of The Entrance Hotel during the World Series of Golf (1 schooner = 1 Beercoin).


The club's fully laden vintage drinks

The club's fully laden drinks cart outside the old Resch's brewery on South Dowling Street.

Magnolia Drive (formerly Wharf Road)

Magnolia Drive, the grand tree-lined entrance to the R&A Marrickville.


17 starters teed up for the Don Lane Invitational, a stableford qualifying round, and those through to the match play rounds are Davidson Love III (25pts), Dick Faldo (23), Notah Kelly (22), Garry Mize (21), Thongchai JD (21), Per-Ulrik Fatcatsson (20), Tubby Waldorf (19) and Kenny Crenshaw (19).

The emergencies are Hunter Meehan (18), Soldier Montgomerie (16), Java Haas (14), Bourkie Baird (13), Ralphy McIlroy (12), Karrie White (12), Peard Fulke (12) and playing today with a hired set, Lewis Oosthuizen (11).  Ford Funk qualified first (26pts) but immediately withdrew from the match play rounds.

The groups and matches for next Sunday are Group 1 Davidson Love (+12) v Kenny Crenshaw and Garry Mize v Thongchai JD (+10), Group 2 Notah Kelly (+7) v Per-Ulrik Fatcatsson and Dick Faldo v Tubby Waldorf (+16).  Players are requested to be on the balcony by 11.30am.

Earlwood November 11.


The Sydney Opera House (SOH) has enthusiastically agreed to host a 'Long Drive' competition on Sunday, November 4, in the lead up to the Earlwood Social Golf & Euchre Club's revitalised match play tournament, The Pinnacle™.

A SOH spokesperson said, "Sunday mornings are fairly quiet around here so we don't mind having a group of elite golfers teeing off from the front of the Opera House and hitting towards Kirribilli House, home of that coal toting cultural philistine and Prime Minister ScoMo.

"We've even offered to fund a week long 'Nearest the Toaster' competition where players can practice their short game from the forecourt by aiming at The Parrot's apartment, a good 7-iron along Macquarie Strret.  If we are forced to have sports desecrating this UNESCO World Heritage listed site, they'll be sports of our own choosing."

Earlwood October 9.


The international golfers whose arrival into Australia was delayed by flight problems last weekend will now be available to play the qualifying round (aka The Don Lane Invitational) at The Pinnacle™ after the federal government granted the ESG&EC's appeal to allow them out of quarantine on November 11.

Problems had arisen when a large shipment of top-flight Pinnacle contenders were stranded on the tarmac in Sharjah because of a cracked windscreen on their plane, delaying their arrival in Australia by 24 hours.  The extra day meant the players could not leave their Bexley North quarantine until Monday November 12, a day after the tournament's qualifying round.  The government's decision means golfers like the Bedouin yak shoe salesman, Big Jack Daley, Dick Faldo's svengali Trent Strange and Muzzy Zoeller, a shady Middle Eastern goat exporter, can now compete in The Pinnacle.

ESG&EC President Davidson Love said in a statement, "The Department of Agriculture and Water Resources has confirmed that golfers currently stabled in the garage at Tubby Waldorf's Shaw Street Bed and Breakfast are eligible for release from quarantine on Sunday, 11 November 2018.  DAWR’s approval is subject to all quarantine conditions being met by the golfers, including negative equine influenza tests and satisfactory final medical examinations."

Earlwood October 3.


ESG&EC President Davidson Love III is pushing for The Pinnacle™, a slots event that tee offs at the R&A Marrickville on November 11, to be the first nomination in a new category of global "elite" tournaments.

Love believes the likely field for the second edition of The Pinnacle is even stronger than the line-up Java Haas beat last year and he expects it to be this country's highest rating tournament of the year.  "You look at the field and there are multiple major winners from across the globe," Love said.

The Pinnacle is also transforming the sporting landscape in Australia, and the intrigue around which 8 qualifiers will be secured by which slotholders is taking much of the attention away from the traditional football grand finals.  Love couldn't have imagined the interest in the slots would be so high when he came up with the concept last year.  "I'd like to thank our 8 slotholders for their collective belief in my unique vision.

"If you don’t innovate, you don’t move forward.  We have been doing things the same way for the past 30 years and golf was getting smaller.  This event is making golf bigger.  The Pinnacle has marched golf into the 21st century - it's making golf great again!"

Earlwood October 1.


President Love has confirmed dates for next year's "31 Unlucky for Some Tour".

World Series of Golf XXXI will be held the week of May 13-17 with Shelly Beach already locked in for Friday's stroke round.

This early confirmation will allow for better planning and hopefully eliminate the possiblity of members being double booked by their household guardians.

Earlwood September 19.


Chris Ryan has won the club's 2018 NRL Tipping Competition after selecting a perfect round (10 winners) on the last weekend and pocketed $2,000 for his efforts.

Chris tallied 304 pts to finish two points clear of 2014 winner Jemima Todd ($1500) with a further point to Peter Escott ($1000) who lamented a last minute try off a forward pass in the Gold Coast-NQld game cost him a share of the winner's spoils.  4th ($600) and 5th ($400) went Vanessa McCoy (298 pts) and Mark Adams (296 pts).

Earlwood September 3.


The club has released it's latest audited post-tournament accounts.

Balance Pre World Series - $3568.50
Revenue - $8470 (21 players + 1 tourist)
Expenses - $8899.65 (course costs 3959, golf extras - ids, balls, shirts 1268.75, milestones 150, prizemoney and trophy 1560, hospitality - tues lunch, wed lunch and betting, fri bar tab, beercoins 1706.90, refunds - kentie and early fri leavers 255)
Tournament Loss - $429.65
Balance Post World Series - $3138.85 (includes $200 deposit with Shelly Beach for 2019)

Davidson Love III
Club President & Auditor

The Entrance May 19.


Seve Hemosteros

Seve Hemosteros (pictured), the man primarily responsible for the creation of the Earlwood Social Golf & Euchre Club, has won the club's milestone 30th World Series of Golf.

Entering the final round at Shelly Beach as one of 3 co-leaders, the big-hitting sometime Blue Bay resident saw off their title aspirations and then repelled the late challenge of Peard Fulke to record his 4th Central Coast victory (previously won 1989, 1996 and 2003).

Fulke's late run was a welcome return to form for the veteran NRL Interchange Official and he was joined on the podium by 3rd place-getter, the uber-consistent Kenny Crenshaw.

The Entrance May 18.


17 starters teed up for the Don Lane Invitational, a stableford qualifying round, and those through to the match play rounds are Davidson Love III (25pts), Dick Faldo (23), Notah Kelly (22), Garry Mize (21), Thongchai JD (21), Per-Ulrik Fatcatsson (20), Tubby Waldorf (19) and Kenny Crenshaw (19).

The emergencies are Hunter Meehan (18), Soldier Montgomerie (16), Java Haas (14), Bourkie Baird (13), Ralphy McIlroy (12), Karrie White (12), Peard Fulke (12) and playing today with a hired set, Lewis Oosthuizen (11).  Ford Funk qualified first (26pts) but immediately withdrew from the match play rounds.

The groups and matches for next Sunday are Group 1 Davidson Love (+12) v Kenny Crenshaw and Garry Mize v Thongchai JD (+10), Group 2 Notah Kelly (+7) v Per-Ulrik Fatcatsson and Dick Faldo v Tubby Waldorf (+16).  Players are requested to be on the balcony by 11.30am.


The tournament is a handicap match play event spanning 3 consecutive weekends and, with the possible exception of the semi-finals, competitors must walk the course and comply with the Tournament Competition Committee's (TCC) nominated playing schedule.

All members are welcome to play socially on qualifying day even if they are unable to participate in the match play rounds.


The opening round will be held on Sunday, November 11, with the first group off the tee at midday.  Players must report to the starter 30 minutes earlier with a schooner and their 1. $80 entry fee in hand.  Unless we have exactly 16 competitors, The Don Lane Invitational (a stableford event in 2018) will determine the 8 qualifiers seeded through to the first round of match play on Heckle Sunday, November 18.

The semi-final matches are by default set down for the following 2. Friday afternoon, November 23, unless both players and President Love III (Ret.) agree to a change.  The tournament concludes with the Championship Match on Sunday, November 25.  All three Sundays have a 12 noon tee off and players are expected to be on the balcony by 11.30am.

1. Covers all tournament green fees

2. President Love has decreed that should a member of the Bong Bong 6 reach the semi-finals, their match would be by default played earlier in the week (Monday, Tuesday or Wednesday) as they'll be mingling with Southern Highlands High Society on Thursday and Friday


The Royal & Ancient Marrickville Old Course will host the tournament for the 30th consecutive year.  This internationally renowned public course, featuring the toughest and most picturesque holes on the Cooks Peninsula, provides competitors with the ultimate golfing challenge.


Prizemoney will be based on playing numbers - $600 (400/200 split) for up to 20 starters and $750 (500/250) for 21 or more.

The defending champion, Java Haas, headlines the expected international field of *Kipper Parnevik, Paulking Harrington, Seve Hemosteros, *Henney Stenson, Garry Mize, *Kenny Crenshaw, *Peard Fulke, *Muzzy Zoeller, *Bourkie Baird, *Grantief Goosen, *Dick Faldo, *Soldier Montgomerie, Karrie White, *Bluey Dunk, *Ford Funk, Hunter Meehan, *Boo Boo Weekley, Per-Ulrik Fatcatsson, Thongchai JD, Lewis Oosthuizen, *Davidson Love III, Ralphy McIlroy, Danny White Shark, *Notah Kelly III and *Tubby Waldorf competing for the prestigious Stephen Angry Anderson Trophy (*past champion).


Our fully laden vintage drinks cart (pictured) will be dispensing free refreshments, including Edmund Resch's finest, throughout the tournament for players and spectators alike although the first Sunday may present a problem with no driver holding the club's mandatory Irresponsible Service of Alcohol certificate presently available.


To avoid the large crowds entering the course from Magnolia Drive (pictured - formerly Wharf Road), players and their entourages have been allocated reserved car spaces in Beaman Park.  From there, it's just 2 minute walk across the magnificent Tubby Cotter bridge to the R&A locker rooms.

For spectators, a free park and ride bus service leaves Earlwood every 20 minutes from outside the Coles supermarket car park and drops them off at Magnoilia Drive.  Sydney Ferries also operate a single jet cat service to the R&A from Circular Quay.  The Lady Fatcat departs Wharf 3 at 11.00am and arrives at the Man O' Golf steps, adjacent to the first tee, at 11.40am.  At low tide, the service terminates at Tempe's Golden Gate Bridge leaving passengers a leisurely 20 minute stroll to the course along the rejuvenated Cooks River foreshores.


The event has delivered some of the club's most unforgettable moments including the 1990 Final when Tubby Waldorf and Big Jack Daley brought the large and boisterous gallery to it's knees when they witnessed both players carding seven over par 11s to halve the 17th hole.  As Big Jack always points out, he was playing 5 off the tee and, knowing the calibre of his opponent, correctly assumed he was still a chance.

In 1997 Dick Faldo was chasing his first major when he stepped onto the 11th tee, one up over the late Vijay Field.  His scudded 6-iron sent the ball careering into the ladies tee marker 10 metres ahead.  The marker - 4 inches tall, bright red, cylindrical and made of concrete - correctly applied Newton's Third Law (for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction).  On it's return journey, the ball neatly parted the assembled spectator mass standing behind Dick before it landed out of bounds in the Cooks River.  Both ball and Dick's title challenge sank simultaneously.

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'Pigeons' (aka potential investors) should seek appropriate independent advice from clairvoyants, tarot card readers and/or alchemists prior to relying on, or entering into any financial commitment to golf or euchre tournaments, NRL tipping competitions and/or affiliated Ponzi schemes based on material published here, including material identified as defamatory, opinion or factional (a small element of fact combined with a large dollop of fiction topped off with a sprinkle of comical), all of which are clearly the outpourings of some unhinged mind with an unchecked ego.

All income generated from club activities is directed to maintaining a jetsetting luxury lifestyle for the ESG&EC President, Davidson Love III, including, but not restricted to, a 6-star Yamba holiday retreat, Camp Davidson, and first class travel and accommodation when routinely representing the ESG&EC at world class sporting events like the Goodwood Festival (UK horse racing) or The Pinnacle (golf).

When in Sydney, the President stays at the Prince Edward suite in Croydon.

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