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Fatcat on the ball
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Needing to win the final trick and leading an off suit 7, the euchre rascal's cry is, "Get around little doggie!"





"You have the best tipping comp around, far more interesting than anything else."

Chris R from Parramatta 2020


"It's the best $80 I spend each year."

John P from Sans Souci 2020


"Yes I was hoping for a result, but more than happy where I finished because I haven’t been up there for a while.  Was a very tight finish for all.  Thanks again and I’ll see you next year."

Neil T from Brookvale 2019


(After being told their prizemoney was already paid and next year would be their 20th year of participation in Fatcat's "A Competition With A Differnce")

"Oh wow .. on both accounts.   Thank you - we’ll be back next year."

The Malones from NSW North Coast 2019


"Awesome mate.  Appreciate the effort you put into this competition.  I’ll be back to defend my crown next year."

Charbel H from Kogarah 2019


(Our results are declared after 80 minutes.  Selections in a drawn game receive a point each so not sure how you "lose that bet" when they go to golden point as nothing changes ??)

"For f*#k sake ... bloody Newcastle and Dragons are in extra time so I f*#king lose that bet as well !!!!  Tell Fatcat this tipping comp is f*#ked."

an irate and confused Shea M. from Gold Coast 2019


(After boldly and erroneously challenging his Rd 24 score)

"Although it means nothing in reality I aspire to end up as high as possible in this most prestigious comp.  I will aim to be as good as our current leader next year."

Terry R from Newtown Jets 2018


"Thanks Fatcat.  Great competition to be a part of."

Shaun F from Byron Bay 2018


"Well done Peter and congratulations to all winners.  Go the Storm !"

Barry S from Davistown 2018


"Thanks again Peter.  Always a great comp."

Phil T from Collaroy 2018


"Another immaculately run footy comp.  Till next year, all the best and again thanx.  Don't lose my bank details, you will need them next year :)"

John B from Dept. of Education 2018


(After all his 10 selections won in the last round sweeping him from 6th place to a clear victory)

"Cheers thanks mate!  Great comp, look forward to next year.  I knew I had a good round, but no idea I was winning until this email !!"

Chris R from Parramatta 2018


"Late forward pass in Titans game cost me $1,000 but I’m not bitter or anything !  Happy to win something - it’s been a while."

"Pesky" from Ourimbah 2018


(Responding to my question as to whether the day before money transfer had reached his bank account)

"Not only through but spent !"

"Pesky" from Ourimbah 2018


"Thanks mate for another enlightening year where I learnt that I am not as smart as my 6 year old and got my arse kicked !  See you next year."

"Clifty" from Ryde 2017


"Thanx for all your good work Fatcat, much appreciated."

John H from Gosford 2017


"Thank you for another outstanding year of running this."

Alan K from Puncbowl 2017


(Our 2017 winner's somewhat prescient observation before the last round when he was in 5th place and 5 points off the lead)

"I take this opportunity to thank you for enabling myself, my wife and grandson to participate in your competition.  Please convey best of luck to all the other people at the top and let them know I think I can still win it !"

Barry S from Davistown 2017


"Thank you once again for another great year."

The Malones from NSW North Coast 2017


(After jumping up into a 3-way tie for 2nd place and collecting $833.34 on the back of hot favourites St.George losing their final game and, as a result, missing out on the finals series, the fair weather Dragons supporter who backed them preseason at 150/1 to win the premiership had the gall to say of others)

"I'm still not break-even yet.  I can't believe those guys picked St.George."

Danny D from Alexandria 2017


(You make one mistake (!?) and the narks come out of the woodwork)

"Hey Mr Cat, I think you have next week's draw incorrect - the Broncos are playing St George."

Clive G from Bateau Bay 2017


"Just when I thought I was going alright ... thanks for another 'enjoyable' season.  Cheers mate and see you soon."

"Ralphy" from Engadine 2017


Terry Rowney, a long-time tipping comp tragic and even longer time director and benefactor of the Newtown Rugby League Football Club, has passed on the club's call for financial help following the abandonment of this year's NSW Canterbury Cup.

"We call upon Newtown supporters everywhere to contribute $100 to become a 'Keep The Jets Flying' member.  You will receive a unique package of memorabilia that will last a lifetime, one that will enable you to relive one of the greatest years in our club’s history.  You might not be able to watch games this year but you can relive the glory of last season with this package.  There are also a number of other membership packages available to suit your budget."

Go to the Jets website

I didn't get the confirmation email after lodging my tips.  Were they received?

Well, provided you pressed the submit button AND received this onscreen message "Your tips are on the way to the ESG&EC database", the simple answer is 99.999% YES.

If you hit the submit button and received the message "Houston, we have problem", then NO.

Can I be 100% sure my selections were received?

When you login, the first thing that happens is the system looks to the database to see if you've already lodged.  So login again and if your 10 selections are ticked then you can be 100% certain.

Why aren't I getting the confirmation email?

In all the time we've been an online tipping competition, the system itself has worked perfectly so I can confidently say the problem, so far, has never been at this end.

Occassionally your email provider (Bigpond, Optus, gmail etc.) tweaks their email screening settings which can either stop the confirmation email reaching your inbox or, if it does, diverts it to your junk or spam folder.

The confirmation email draws information from the database to make up it's content e.g tipster name, time of lodgement, selections etc. so it's seen as different and identified as possible junk or spam.

Sometimes, it just takes time to get through to you and I've experienced this numerous times with the confirmation arriving in my inbox anywhere from 10 minutes to 3 hours after I lodged.  Why the delay?  I don't know, my internet connection was working and after viewing the email source information I could confirm it was sent from the ESG&EC server and received by my ISP (Optus) immediately I hit the submit button.

How do I stop the confirmation email being classified as spam/junk?

This has to happen at your end.

The quick fix is to change emails so if have a second address with a different provider e.g. a work account, we can switch you over.  The other option is to ensure that emails from (confirmations) and (weekly reminders) are treated as safe senders or added to a white list in your email program (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mail etc.).

You'll need to Google for the exact steps to take but it may be a simple as adding both to your address book and/or sending an email there (put the subject as TEST so I dont have to open them).  There is generally some setting in those programs that allows you to accept email from all senders listed in your address book or even to add a domain e.g. to a safe or white list.

Beercoin, the world's first tangible cryptocurrency