ESG&EC NRL Tipping Competition

"A Competition With A Difference"

Celebrating Years Of Resch's Enhanced Sporting Excellence

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Resch's Pilsener ideal at the 19th hole

Resch's Pilsener.
Ideal at the 19th hole

Resch's Pilsener Always the Favourite

Resch's Pilsener.
"Always the Favourite"


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Resch's Pilsener beach poster

Resch's Pilsener.
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... or after a hard
day at the office

Relaxing after work with Resch's Pilsener
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Resch's beer tap with surfer

Resch's Draught.
The beer that makes
beautiful people so cool
and even more beautiful.

Resch's Pilsener pub poster of boxing event

Resch's Long Bottle Pilsener.
The beer for all
sporting occassions.

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Resch's Dinner Ale

Resch's Dinner Ale.
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Resch's pub poster displayed in the NRL museum

"Resch's Refreshes" and
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great Test players.

Clemton Park Cake Shop pie menu

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Resch's DA.
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Resch's pub poster of Australia v England match

Resch's Dinner Ale.
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The mighty Newtown Jets,
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Resch's beer coaster

Like the immutable laws of
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Resch's the beer we drink 'round here (NSW)

Resch's Draught.
Known to cure chronic
abscesses, tuberculosis,
cholera, "female complaints",
mercurial eruptions, paralysis and even restore life in the event of sudden death.

Resch's Long Bottle Pilsener

Resch's Pilsener.
Now for the best
round of them all -
Resch's Long Bottle Pilsener.

Queen's Slipper Playing Cards

Needing to win the final trick
and leading an off suit 7,
the euchre rascal's cry is,
"Get around little doggie!"



posted 7.57pm 30/8

94 lodged so far and the summary is:

Scratch Selections

Souths 76 vs Wests Tigers 5, Warriors 67 vs Canberra 6, Melbourne 73 vs Penrith 4, Newcastle 16 vs St.George 22, Gold Coast 10 vs NQld 46, Parramatta 3 vs Roosters 85, Bulldogs 10 vs Sharks 54 and Brisbane 87 vs Manly 0

Handicap Selections

Souths 44 vs Wests Tigers (+6.5) 10, Warriors 38 vs Canberra (+4.5) 9, Melbourne 30 vs Penrith (+6.5) 12, Newcastle (+3.5) 20 vs St.George 23, Gold Coast (+5.5) 16 vs NQld 29, Parramatta (+10.5) 11 vs Roosters 24, Bulldogs (+6.5) 29 vs Sharks 15 and Brisbane 64 vs Manly (+6.5) 2


*Souths 51 def. Wests Tigers 10, Warriors 20 def. *Canberra 16, *Penrith 22 def. Melbourne 16, *St.George 24 def. Newcastle 14, NQld 30 def. *Gold Coast 26, *Roosters 44 def. Parramatta 10, *Sharks 30 def. Bulldogs 18 and *Brisbane 48 def. Manly 16 (* = handicap winner)


Winner   Draw   Loser
Jemima Todd286SouthWarMelbNQRoostBrisSouthPenrGCBull
Peter Escott285SouthMelbNQRoostShksBrisNQRoostShksBris
Vanessa McCoy284WarMelbNQRoostShksBrisMelbNewcRoostBris
James Irving282WarMelbNewcRoostShksBrisWarMelbNewcBris
Dave Harvey280SouthMelbStGNQRoostBrisSouthCbaMelbBull
Chris Ryan280SouthWarNQRoostShksBrisSouthPenrRoostBris
Phil Todd278SouthWarMelbNewcRoostBrisWarPenrNewcGC
Alan Katzmann276SouthWarGCRoostBullBrisGCRoostBullBris
Marion Weston276SouthWarMelbNQShksBrisWTPenrParraBull
Kevin Underhill276SouthWarNQRoostShksBrisWarNQRoostBris
Michael Blaser272SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisSouthWarGCParra
Joe Bromham272SouthWarMelbNQRoostBrisSouthWarNQBris
Mark Adams272SouthWarStGRoostShksBrisSouthPenrStGGC
John Hermsen272SouthCbaMelbNQParraBrisCbaNQParraBris
Reg Walsh271SouthWarNQRoostShksBrisSouthWarShksBris
John Galluzzo270SouthMelbNQRoostShksBrisNewcNQShksBris
David Downey268SouthCbaMelbNewcBullBrisWTCbaNewcBull
Paul Dawson268SouthWarMelbNQRoostBrisSouthWarMelbBris
John Bradridge268WTMelbStGGCShksBrisWTStGGCParra
Deane Rowley268SouthWarMelbStGRoostShksSouthWarMelbStG
BJ Malone268SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisSouthMelbRoostBris
Peter Noble268SouthWarStGNQRoostBrisPenrStGBullBris
Gary Armitage267SouthCbaPenrGCRoostBrisPenrNewcGCBull
Tony Clift267SouthWarNQRoostShksBrisWarNQRoostBris
Gary Phillips267WarMelbGCRoostShksBrisWarMelbParraShks
Connie Spence266SouthMelbStGNQRoostBrisCbaStGRoostBris
Ross King266SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisWarStGRoostBris
Froggy Smith265SouthWarMelbGCRoostBrisSouthGCBullBris
Greg Noyes265WarMelbNewcNQRoostBullWTNewcBullManly
Maria Roots265SouthWarStGNQRoostBrisSouthWarNQBris
John Purcell265SouthMelbNewcNQRoostBrisSouthNewcNQBris
Peter Todd264SouthWarNQRoostShksBrisSouthPenrNewcBris
Rocky Perugini263SouthWarMelbRoostBullBrisWarNewcBullBris
Dean Stapleton263SouthWarMelbNQBullBrisSouthNQBullBris
Niall Kearney263WarMelbNQRoostShksBrisWarGCBullBris
Mario Simonetti262SouthWarMelbStGRoostBrisWarMelbStGParra
Shaun Froggatt262SouthWarMelbNQRoostBrisSouthNewcGCBris
Damian Hand260WTWarMelbRoostBullBrisWTNQBullBris
David Roots259SouthWarNewcNQRoostBrisNewcNQRoostBris
Clint Adams259SouthStGNQRoostShksBrisPenrStGNQBris
Tony Harris259WTWarMelbGCParraBrisWTWarGCParra
Geoff Clay258SouthWarMelbNQRoostBrisWarStGBullBris
Mark Young257SouthMelbNQRoostShksBrisSouthStGNQBris
Clive Gray257SouthWarNQRoostShksBrisSouthWarNQBris
Michael Harris255SouthWarMelbNewcNQRoostWarNewcNQBull
Robert Rayner255SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisStGNQBullBris
Peter Davidson254WarMelbStGNQRoostBrisWarMelbStGBris
Lionel Williamson254SouthWarMelbNewcRoostBrisSouthWarBullBris
Terry Rowney251SouthWarNQRoostShksBrisSouthNQShksBris
Steve Stanton250WarMelbNQRoostShksBrisWarMelbBullBris
Steve Weston250SouthMelbStGRoostBullBrisSouthStGBullBris
Charles Clift249WTCbaStGRoostShksBrisWTCbaRoostShks
Marc Taylor249SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisWarMelbShksBris
Wasim Khan249SouthMelbNQRoostShksBrisSouthNQRoostBris
Peter Hannah249SouthMelbNQRoostShksBrisSouthMelbNQBris
Clint Wallis249          
Greg Chalmers249SouthWarMelbStGRoostBrisSouthWarBullBris
Mark Curach248SouthWarMelbNewcGCBrisWarNewcGCBris
Barry Spence248SouthWarMelbStGRoostBrisCbaStGGCRoost
JT Felsch247SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisWarMelbNQBull
Simon Byron246SouthWarMelbNQRoostBrisWarMelbStGBris
Vince Nevin245SouthWarMelbNQRoostBrisSouthStGParraBris
Ashton Carmichael244SouthWarPenrStGRoostBrisCbaStGGCRoost
Jim Henney243SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisSouthMelbShksBris
Belinda Blayney242SouthWarMelbStGRoostShksWarStGParraBris
Greg Meehan241SouthMelbStGRoostShksBrisSouthMelbRoostBris
Anthony Sheedy241SouthMelbNQRoostShksBrisSouthNQRoostBris
John Byrnes241WarMelbNewcGCRoostBrisWTMelbNewcBull
Ken Wilson240SouthMelbNQRoostShksBrisSouthRoostShksBris
Gerry Braddon240SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisSouthMelbParraBris
Danny Downey240SouthMelbStGRoostShksBrisSouthStGNQBris
Paul King240SouthCbaMelbRoostShksBrisCbaPenrNewcShks
Ross Cave239SouthWarStGRoostShksBrisSouthStGShksBris
Fernandos Chicken239WarMelbStGRoostShksBrisWTMelbStGBris
Tom Frank239SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisSouthWarMelbBris
Phil Laidlaw237          
Robert Gray237SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisSouthWarMelbRoost
Joe Bugner & Sons235SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisSouthWarBullManly
Max Wood235SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisWarMelbShksBris
Michael Bown233SouthMelbNQRoostShksBrisSouthMelbNQBris
John McGovern232SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisSouthMelbRoostBull
Grant Hannah232WarMelbNQRoostShksBrisNQRoostShksBris
Peter Dempsey232SouthMelbNQRoostShksBrisSouthMelbNQBris
John Malone232SouthNewcNQRoostShksBrisSouthNewcNQBris
Maurice Curach228WarMelbNewcGCBullBrisNewcGCBullBris
Les Niko228SouthMelbStGNQRoostBrisStGNQRoostBris
Josie Byrnes228WarMelbNQRoostShksBrisWarMelbNQBris
Teagan Cave224SouthWarPenrNQRoostBrisSouthWarNQBris
Steve Mulally223SouthMelbStGNQRoostShksSouthMelbStGShks
Greg Kelly221SouthWarNewcRoostBullBrisSouthWarNewcBull
Neil Taylor217SouthMelbGCRoostShksBrisSouthGCShksBris
Scott Armitage216          
Aaron Shields213WarMelbNewcRoostBullBrisWarMelbBullBris
Jeremy Gilling213WTCbaPenrNewcParraShksCbaPenrNewcRoost
Danny White206SouthWarMelbNewcRoostBrisWTWarPenrParra
Lyn McGovern200SouthWarMelbRoostShksBrisWarMelbRoostBull
Mary Moroney194SouthWarMelbNQRoostShksSouthMelbRoostBull