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Roosters  1 James Tedesco 2 Daniel Tupou 4 Joseph Manu 3 Mitch Aubusson 5 Matt Ikuvalu 6 Latrell Mitchell 7 Cooper Cronk 8 Jared Waerea-Hargreaves 9 Jake Friend 10 Siosiua Taukeiaho 11 Boyd Cordner 12 Angus Crichton 13 Victor Radley 14 Nat Butcher 15 Zane Tetevano 16 Sitili Tupouniua 17 Lachlan Lam

St.George  1 Matthew Dufty 2 Jordan Pereira 3 Euan Aitken 4 Tim Lafai 5 Mikaele Ravalawa 6 Corey Norman 7 Ben Hunt 8 James Graham 9 Cameron McInnes 10 Paul Vaughan 11 Tyson Frizell 12 Tariq Sims 13 Blake Lawrie 14 Jeremy Latimore 15 Zac Lomax 16 Jacob Host 17 Luciano Leilua

Melbourne  1 Jahrome Hughes 2 Suliasi Vunivalu 3 Will Chambers 4 Curtis Scott 5 Josh Addo-Carr 6 Cameron Munster 7 Brodie Croft 8 Jesse Bromwich 9 Cameron Smith 10 Nelson Asofa-Solomona 11 Felise Kaufusi 12 Kenny Bromwich 13 Dale Finucane 14 Brandon Smith 15 Christian Welch 16 Tui Kamikamica 17 Marion Seve

Warriors  1 Roger Tuivasa-Sheck 2 Gerard Beale 3 Peta Hiku 4 Solomone Kata 5 Ken Maumalo 6 Chanel Harris-Tavita 7 Blake Green 8 Agnatius Paasi 9 Issac Luke 10 Leeson Ah Mau 11 Adam Blair 12 Tohu Harris 13 Lachlan Burr 14 Jazz Tevaga 15 Isaiah Papali’I 16 Bunty Afoa 17 Nathaniel Roache

Bulldogs  1 Nick Meaney 2 Jayden Okunbor 3 Kerrod Holland 4 Will Hopoate 5 Reimis Smith 6 Jack Cogger 7 Lachlan Lewis 8 Aiden Tolman 9 Jeremy Marshall-King 10 Ofahiki Ogden 11 Josh Jackson 12 Corey Harawira-Naera 13 Rhyse Martin 14 Michael Lichaa 15 Danny Fualalo 16 Adam Elliot 17 Chris Smith

NQld  1 Te Maire Martin 2 Justin O’Neill 3 Jordan Kahu 4 Enari Tuala 5 Ben Hampton 6 Jake Clifford 7 Michael Morgan 8 Matt Scott 9 Jake Granville 10 Jordan McLean 11 Gavin Cooper 12 Josh McGuire 13 John Asiata 14 Kurt Baptiste 15 Coen Hess 16 Scott Bolton 17 Francis Molo

Penrith  1 Caleb Aekins 2 Josh Mansour 3 Dallin Watene-Zelezniak 4 Waqa Blake 5 Malakai Watene-Zelezniak 6 James Maloney 7 Nathan Cleary 8 James Tamou 9 Wayde Egan 10 Tim Grant 11 Viliame Kikau 12 Isaah Yeo 13 James Fisher-Harris 14 Sione Katoa 15 Liam Martin 16 Moses Leota 17 Reagan Campbell-Gillard

Souths  1 Alex Johnston 2 Corey Allen 3 Kyle Turner 4 Dane Gagai 5 Campbell Graham 6 Cody Walker 7 Adam Reynolds 8 George Burgess 9 Damien Cook 10 Tom Burgess 11 John Sutton 12 Sam Burgess 13 Cameron Murray 14 Tevita Tatola 15 Mark Nicholls 16 Ethan Lowe 17 Liam Knight

Wests Tigers  1 Moses Mbye 2 Mahe Fonua 3 Robert Jennings 4 Esan Marsters 5 Corey Thompson 6 Josh Reynolds 7 Luke Brooks 8 Russell Packer 9 Robbie Farah 10 Alex Twal 11 Ryan Matterson 12 Luke Garner 13 Josh Aloiai 14 Ben Matulino 15 Thomas Mikaele 16 Matt Eisenhuth 17 Michael Chee-Kam

Gold Coast  1 Michael Gordon 2 Anthony Don 3 Tyrone Peachey 4 Brian Kelly 5 Dale Copley 6 Tyrone Roberts 7 Ash Taylor 8 Shannon Boyd 9 Mitch Rein 10 Moeaki Fotuaika 11 Kevin Proctor 12 Bryce Cartwright 13 Jai Arrow 14 Phillip Sami 15 Keegan Hipgrave 16 Max King 17 Jai Whitbread

Brisbane  1 Darius Boyd 2 Corey Oates 3 James Roberts 4 Jack Bird 5 Jamayne Isaako 6 Anthony Milford 7 Kodi Nikorima 8 Payne Haas 9 Andrew McCullough 10 Joe Ofahengaue 11 Alex Glenn 12 Matt Gillett 13 Tevita Pangai 14 Kotoni Staggs 15 David Fifita 16 Thomas Flegler 17 Patty Carrigan

Sharks  1 Will Kennedy 2 Sosaia Feki 3 Bronson Xerri 4 Josh Morris 5 Josh Dugan 6 Shaun Johnson 7 Chad Townsend 8 Andrew Fifita 9 Jayden Brailey 10 Matt Prior 11 Scott Sorensen 12 Kurt Capewell 13 Paul Gallen 14 Blayke Brailey 15 Jayson Bukuya 16 Jack Williams 17 Braden Hamlin-uele

Manly  1 Brendan Elliott 2 Jorge Taufua 3 Moses Suli 4 Brad Parker 5 Reuben Garrick 6 Kane Elgey 7 Daly Cherry-Evans 8 Toafofoa Sipley 9 Apisai Koroisau 10 Marty Taupau 11 Joel Thompson 12 Curtis Sironen 13 Jake Trbojevic 14 Manase Fainu 15 Jack Gosiewski 16 Corey Waddell 17 Morgan Boyle

Canberra  1 Charnze Nicoll-Klokstad 2 Nick Cotric 3 Jarrod Croker 4 Joseph Leilua 5 Jordan Rapana 6 Jack Wighton 7 Sam Williams 8 Josh Papalii 9 Josh Hodgson 10 Dunamis Lui 11 John Bateman 12 Elliot Whitehead 13 Ryan Sutton 14 Siliva Havili 15 Emre Guler 16 Iosia Soliola 17 Jack Murchie

Newcastle  1 Kalyn Ponga 2 Edrick Lee 3 Hymel Hunt 4 Jesse Ramien 5 Shaun Kenny-Dowall 6 Connor Watson 7 Mitchell Pearce 8 David Klemmer 9 Danny Levi 10 James Gavet 11 Lachlan Fitzgibbon 2 Mitch Barnett 13 Tim Glasby 14 Jamie Buhrer 15 Herman Ese’ese 16 Daniel Saifiti 17 Josh King

Parramatta  1 Clint Gutherson 2 Maika Sivo 3 Michael Jennings 4 Brad Takairangi 5 Blake Ferguson 6 Jaeman Salmon 7 Mitchell Moses 8 Daniel Alvaro 9 Reed Mahoney 10 Junior Paulo 11 Shaun Lane 12 Marata Niukore 13 Tepai Moeroa 14 Peni Terepo 15 Tim Mannah 16 Oregon Kaufusi 17 Ray Stone


Wests Tigers3036-12
Gold Coast2044-29


Tuesday  TAB releases FootyTAB Pick The Winners starts.  Website opens for selections.  Team lists announced.


Wednesday  An email reminder with weekly news, games and starts is sent to all tipsters.


Thursday  Shortly after the online cut-off, our summary page is updated with all lodged selections.


Saturday  Late selections cut-off is usually the scheduled start time of Saturday's first game.


Thursday to Sunday  Our summary page is regularly updated with match results and selection outcomes are colour-coded.  The tipster ladder is published soon after the round's final game.


Please note the earlier than normal cut-offs this round - the online cut-off is 4.05pm Thursday (ANZAC Day) and 7.55pm Friday for the late cut-off.  If you're the forgetful type, it may be wise to lodge your selections when you receive your mid-week email reminder - they can always be updated before the online cut-off.

We are approaching Round 8, a money point in the competition with $120 available for both best overall and handicap score through Rounds 1-8.  You've got two weekends to make an impression on our dual leader, Karen Escott.

It's Week 6 of Handicap Knockout No.1 and the bar has been raised - you must now select at least three winners to stay alive (14 still in).

Your task this week is to select 6 scratch and 4 handicap winners from the following 8 games (home team first - rotating team lists are shown in the panel on the right):

The online cut-off is 4.05pm Thursday (scheduled kick-off for Roosters vs St.George).  Tipsters who miss this important deadline have until 7.55pm Friday (Penrith vs Souths) to email me their late picks but they are penalised 1 selection and are only allowed to submit 9 (5 scratch and 4 handicap) chosen from the remaining, unplayed games.

To lodge your tips online, click here to open the login page, type in your username and password and the games and starts will be displayed under your name.  When you have made the required number of selections, the submit button becomes available.  Press the submit button - it's the most critical part of lodging your selections - and your tips are on their way to the ESG&EC database.  You will receive an almost immediate email confirmation of your selections.

In the unlikely event of a site malfunction, tipsters can lodge selections by email (click here) but they still must be received by me before the respective cut-off time.